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Spreadsheet Templates free – to help you further with your business we have now launched a portfolio for free Spreadsheet templates. Our Spreadsheet Templates for Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc and Google Sheets. Our selection of carefully prepared and edited spreadsheets is widely available and can be used to quickly create Spreadsheets with style, formatting, formulas and charts that are completely ready to use as soon as you download them. Each excel document though is fully editable to enable you to customise it. We would recommend you customise the spreadsheet before you use it to make it exactly as you require.

These templates have everything you need to help with presenting your data from tables either as a graphical or formulated way. Using formatted tables, our written formulas enable you to manipulate and present data, images, and charts, in the best way possible.

As well as free templates for download, we are developing a selection of free Excel Training courses to help you further create and modify your spreadsheets. Our free Spreadsheet templates have pre-written formulas, charts, tracking and clear instructions to help you use them. As always with our website, they are free and will always be free. We simply require your email address for download, this is to enable us to update you on new resources as they become available. You can unsubscribe at any time if you wish.

If you do not have the software to edit spreadsheets, we would recommend either purchasing a subscription with Office 365 or using Google Sheets for free.

Free Spreadsheet Template downloads:

We have lots of other free resources for download. Take a look here

Where can you download free Excel spreadsheets?

Office offers free templates within the office suite of software. There are also websites like Free Social Care Learning that offer completely free customisable templates and spreadsheet guides.

What is the difference between a worksheet and a template in Excel?

Templates are different to worksheets in that a template is a predefined workbook which you use to create your final workbook.

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