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Food safety level 1 free

Food Hygiene Course Free Level 1

Ensure the highest standards of hygiene and safety with our "Food Safety Level 1" course, designed to equip you with essential knowledge and practices for safe food handling

Guide to covid 19 elearning course free

A GUIDE TO COVID-19 – Coronavirus

Stay informed and prepared with our "A Guide to COVID-19" course, providing essential knowledge on prevention, safety protocols, and best practices

Hand hygiene in care

Hand Hygiene Course Free for Care Awareness and Coronavirus

Master essential hand hygiene practices with our "Hand Hygiene for Care" course, designed to ensure optimal cleanliness and safety in caregiving environments.

Dignity in care course free

Understanding Dignity in Care

Promote respectful and compassionate care with our "Understanding Dignity in Care" course, designed to emphasize the importance of preserving dignity in every aspect of caregiving.

adult safeguarding course free

Understanding Safeguarding of Adults Course

Ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals with our "Understanding Safeguarding of Adults" course, designed to equip you with essential knowledge and practices for effective protection.

Diabetes awareness for care free course

Diabetes Awareness Course

Enhance your knowledge of diabetes with our comprehensive e-learning course. Suitable for healthcare professionals and caregivers.

number skills for care workers course

Number Skills for Care Workers

Enhance your caregiving expertise with our "Number Skills for Care Workers" course, designed to provide you with essential numerical skills for managing medication dosages, budgeting, and accurate record-keeping.

writing skills for care workers course

Writing skills for care workers

Enhance your caregiving communication with our "Writing Skills for Care Workers" course, designed to help you master clear, concise, and professional writing for accurate documentation and effective correspondence.

speaking about bodily fluids and feelings course

Speaking about bodily fluids and feelings course

Improve communication and care with our "Talking About Bodily Fluids and Feelings" course, designed to help you confidently address sensitive topics with empathy and professionalism.

How to use elk lifting cushion training

Mangar Elk Emergency Lifting Cushion Training

Preventing Trips and Falls in older people training

Preventing Falls, trips and slips in Care Settings

Guide to peg feeding training

Introductory Guide to Peg Feeding

Free social care courses uk - Guide to Peg Feeding.

Guide to cough assist training free

Cough Assist Training

Enhance your caregiving skills with our "Cough Assist Training" course, providing essential techniques for effective respiratory support and patient care.

standards of practice for health and social care workers in england and wales

An Introduction to the Standards of Practice for Adult Care Workers in England & Wales

Candidates will receive information with regards to the Code of Conduct for Adult Social Care Workers in England and Wales, which enables them to apply for a Social Care job.

guide to mpox course free

A Guide to Mpox (formerly known as Monkeypox) – eLearning

An introductory guide to Monkeypox

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