Making the most of e-learning

E-learning is a fantastic way to study, but it’s not without its challenges. Here are the top ten tips for studying using e-learning:

  1. Use the right resources. Make sure you’re using the right materials, such as video lectures that are easy to understand and follow along with, or articles that are well-written and contain useful information. Make sure you’re also using resources that are relevant to your area of study—if you’re taking a class on English literature and want to improve your writing skills, choose a source that focuses on writing and grammar rather than something that focuses on history or science.
  2. Take notes! When you’re studying e-learning material, take notes in order to help you remember what you’ve learned later on down the line. You can use different techniques depending on what works best for you—some people prefer typing notes directly into their computer; others like taking handwritten notes and then transcribing them onto their computer later; others still prefer recording audio or video versions of their notes so they can listen back later when they need a refresher! The important thing is that whatever method works best for YOU–use it!

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