Understanding your role standard 1

Understanding your role in social care

The workbook to accompany this Standard for the Care Certificate can be downloaded here: 

Please ensure you download and print this workbook out to as it will form the basis of your on-the-job evidence for  Standard 1 of the Care Certificate. 

The Role of the Social Care Worker 

The role of the Social Care Worker is to help people with their everyday lives. Some of the people you will come across and support in your role might be vulnerable. There are agreed ways of working which are based on social care values. These values are: 

All Individuals have the right to: 

  • Make everyday choices. 
  • Be treated like an individual. 
  • Be included in any decision made about them both big and small decisions. 
  • Take part in everyday activities. 
  • Be treated with dignity and respect. 
  • Feel part of their community. 
  • Lead a fulfilling life with friends and relatives. 
  • Have work and learning opportunities. 
  • Live a life free of abuse. 
  • Stay healthy. 
  • Be treated with dignity, respect, and care. 
  • Have equality. 
  • Have a right to confidentiality. 

Standard 1 – Defining your role: 

Your role and the tasks you need to complete as a Social Care Worker will be listed in your job description. If you do not have a job description, ask you employer to give you a copy. It is imperative that you know what your job entails and what it does not entail. 

Standard role – Different roles

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