Introduction to the Care Certificate

Introduction to the Care Certificate

This E-Learning Course is Standard 1 of the ‘Care Certificate’ which forms part of 15 Standards. This e-learning module covers the theory related to the Care Certificate Framework Guidelines only. Once you have completed this module you will need to take our Test Quiz which will award you with a score based on your results, which you will then need to discuss with your Assessor to determine if this is of a Satisfactory Level for your Job Role, if this is not, you will be able to retake the test. 

In each Standard you will find a workbook which you will also need to download and print. Use your workbook as you carry out your workplace assessments as you carry out your day-to-day work. 

Once you have achieved the required Grade from the Assessment Quizzes and have been assessed in the Workplace to the satisfaction of your Assessor you will have completed a thorough portfolio of evidence for this Care Certificate Standard. 

Once you have you have completed all 15 Standards you will need to keep the Certificates for the Theory and the Completed Workbooks/ Competency Assessment Documents in a portfolio, as proof that you have achieved everything required so as your Assessor can review your portfolio of evidence, ensuring it is to their satisfaction and then issue you with the ‘Care Certificate’. 

Good luck as you complete your Care Certificate and continue your journey in health and social care. 

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