Free Policies and Procedures for Health and Social Care

Care Policies and Procedures are free with Free Social Care Learning. Our free policies will help you develop a compliant and safe Health and Social Care Service. All of the E-learning courses we have developed are completely 100% free. We do not charge for our CPD accredited E-learning to help develop your role in Health & Social Care.

We are the leading provider of Free care Policies and Porocedures for care with policies that are always upto date used by thousands of care locations to deliver the highest quality of care. 

Care Policies and Procedures are a cornerstone for every care organisation, they provide the basis of how an organisation provides and delivers its care. CQC appear to have a preference for care providers to tailor their policies and procedures. Therefore simply buying expensive off the shelf options can be counterintuitive. This is because often if an organisation simply buys the policies – they have not made them their own and may not really know the contents of the policies. You may also find you purchase hundreds of policies that you do not actually need – or adhere to. By using our free resources, you can tailor them to your own requirmements without feeling you have spent hundreds of pounds on things you dont need. 

Additionally, we have collated a number of useful downloadable resources which you will find beneficial in your learning journey. To get immediate access to these, please sign up to our Newsletter below.

Our free resources include Domiciliary Care, Home Care and Care Home Policies at no cost. These will help you meet your obligations with CQC and pass your CQC inspection . We have developed these from a range of sources to ensure best practice. They are regularily reviewed by our independent assessor to ensure they stay compliant.  New Free Care Policies and Procedures are regularily added and indexed to our policy pack.  This will help you stay organised with information that is easy to share with CQC inspectors.

Benefits of our Free Care Policies and Procedures

Download Free Files, Policies Procedure Pack

These files are free to download, we are adding to them regularly with a full pack available as a premium download for a small cost. 

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To run your care service safely you need care Policies and Procdures. Many companies who provide these comparatively charge anywhere upwards of £325 per month plus vat to provide them additionally care companies are liable for VAT. We decided to offer policies and procedures to support the Health and Social Care Sector for FREE! Our policies and procedures are suitable for supported living, care homes and domiciliary care / homecare. If you are just starting up, or have been established for years we provide free policies in health and social care for any business size. Furthermore check back frequently as we regularly update these. 

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