Health and Social Care Survey Templates

Health and Social Care Survey Templates – we’ve launched our new survey templates to help support the quality of your service. These surveys will help you gather data for the quality assurance of your organisation.

How to use these Health and Social Care Survey templates:

Our template surveys have been set up using Jotform. A basic account with Jotform is free – they also have different paid services available. You will need to have a Jotform account to use our forms. We believe this gives you a great option as the forms can be sent to your service users /family/advocate and other stakeholders via email. You can also print a copy to give to people as well.

Step 1: Get the URL of the form you would like to copy / clone. (All of our surveys are further down the page)

Step 2: Go to the my forms page in Jotform here

Step 3: Select Create a form


Step 4: Select Import Form from the options


Step 5: Select from a webpage, Enter the URL of the form that should be cloned. Click Create form button

Service User and Family Member Satisfaction Survey Template – This is the template form.

There are lots of other resources available including Free Policies and Procedures for Care.

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