Free Health and Social Care Courses E-learning

Free health and social care courses are now here! A revolution has come to Health and Social Care Training with our free E-learning – 100% free elearning for both individuals and businesses.

We provide all of the mandatory training you need to meet you CQC obligations, with high quality elearning including video lessons and much more to help you with Social Care Training.  Take a look at our course list here.

The savings you could make:

Social Care TV Charge from £9.49+VAT per course
Elearning at Work from £14+VAT
Grey Matter Learning from £5+VAT per person per month
Free Social Care Learning – Free health and social care courses –FREE – FOREVER – No Contracts, no hidden costs, free certificates, CPD certified.

We have also launched other free resources for Social Care that include policies and procedures We offer resources including Rota templates, care policies and procedures, how to and tips. We also now offer Study guides and workbooks for The Care Certificate and for the Diploma in care.

We also don’t have any contracts to sign, which means you are not locked into to any contract periods.

Why are we FREE?

We launched Free health and social care courses as we had some very bad experiances with training providers. Once company locked us into mutiple year contracts requiring three months notice to cancel.  Another company we used had hidden charges to download certificates. We run our own home care company so understand the pressures the Care Sector is currently facing – so this is our way of giving back to the industry and helping to improve the practice of Health and Social Care.

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