speaking about bodily fluids and feelings course

Speaking about bodily fluids and feelings course

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Speaking about bodily functions and feelings course helps support you in a vital part of care work. This course lists expressions in standard English and in everyday English about:

  • Tiredness and sleep
  • Urination and defecation
  • Constipation, wind and gas
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Feeling unwell, unhappy, upset
  • Feeling well

Effective communication is crucial in caregiving, especially when it comes to discussing sensitive topics like bodily functions and emotional well-being. Our “Speaking About Bodily Functions and Feelings Course” is designed to equip care workers with the skills and confidence to navigate these conversations with empathy and professionalism. You’ll learn strategies for creating a safe and respectful environment where patients feel comfortable discussing their needs and concerns. This course covers practical techniques for addressing topics such as incontinence, digestion issues, and emotional health, ensuring that you can provide comprehensive and compassionate care.

By joining this course, you become part of a supportive community dedicated to improving patient communication and care quality. Through interactive lessons and real-world scenarios, you’ll develop the ability to handle difficult conversations with ease and sensitivity. Our expert instructors will guide you in mastering the language and approaches that foster trust and understanding between you and your patients. Elevate your caregiving skills and make a meaningful impact on your patients’ lives by confidently addressing both their physical and emotional needs.

Our course is set to run at your own pace. You will be studying on your own, when it is convenient for you, using the learning materials in this course. The learning content is organised into lessons and consists of a combination of the following:

  • text to read. Superscript numbers refer to references available
  • Downloadable resources
  • links to websites and downloadable information sheets/booklets that will help you to learn more about the topic being studied. These items are underlined and in italics throughout the course content.
  • videos.
  • quizzes.

You will find Key Points throughout the content. These are used to help you to consolidate essential facts and practice observations.

There are also Think and reflect boxes where you may be asked to make notes or answer any questions asked. You will not be assessed on what you enter. This is simply to aid your learning and improve your practice. We recommend that you keep a notepad and pen by your side as you work through the course and write your reflections and answers there.

You will also be required to take an assessed quiz after completing each learning unit.

This course will help you as you consider the CQC requirements of infection preventions and control. Find out more here

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