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Mangar Elk Emergency Cushion can be used to help a person who has had a fall up off the floor. Mangar is a manufacturer known for developing superb patient lifting equipment, so much so that the Mangar Elk Emergency Lifting Cushion is used by most UK NHS Ambulance Trusts. The Mangar Elk is a portable and compact lifting cushion that helps to safely raise patients back to their feet following a fall. This Emergency Lifting Cushion is designed to be used with the help of a loved one or carer.

This free training course will teach you how to use the Elk safely and effectively to help you get someone back up when they have had a fall. Rather than waiting sometimes hours for an emergency response to help someone who has had a fall – this course will help you assess the situation and then use the tools to support someone off the floor.

About theMangar Elk Emergency lifting cushion:

Recommended and used by most UK NHS Ambulance Trusts
Can be operated by just one carer
Reduces the risks of lifting for carers
Reduces the risk of injury to the user
Supplied with rechargeable battery-powered compressor
Folds into a compact size when not in use for convenient storage
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
Perfect for use in small rooms and tight spaces

This free learning course cover everything you need to know to get started with supporting people who have had a fall. We will go through:

  • How to set up your Elk Emergency Cushion
  • How to deflate your Emergency Cushion
  • How to use the Elk Emergency Cushion
  • Risk assessing the situation

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