Care Certificate Standard 3 Answers– Duty of Care – Completed Workbook

Care Certificate Standard 3 Answers– Duty of Care – Completed Workbook

Care Certificate Standard 3 answers – Duty of Care – Completed Workbook

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Standard 3 of the Care Certificate covers “Duty of Care” which is an essential part of your role in Health and Social Care.

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Answers: Activity 3.1a As social care or healthcare worker, you have a duty of care to all the people you support. Use the following words to define what is meant by duty of care.

Responsibility – Safety – obligation – wellbeing
As a social care or health worker, I am responsible for upholding a duty of care to each of my service users. I am required to support my colleagues daily by working in a safe manner and keeping the wellbeing of every individual in mind at all times. I have a legal obligation to ensure that each of my service users are free from harm and must report unsafe or abusive practices to my line manager at all times.

Activity 3.1b Thinking about your own work role, complete the sentences below to describe the duty of care affects you in practice. The first example has been given to you.

The code of conduct means that:
Health and social workers are responsible for making sure that their conduct does not fall below the expected standards required of them and that no action or action on their part puts any risk of harm to the wellbeing of any individual assessing the service my company provides.

The organisational policies and procedures are there to …
Help guide the actions of all individual involved in the running of the organisation. They also ensure the well-being of the service users, their friends and family and staff. Policies and procedures also provide common understanding and agreement on how things should be done within the organisation.

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