Care Certificate Standard 13 – Health and Safety– Completed Workbook

Care Certificate Standard 13 – Health and Safety– Completed Workbook – our study guide provides you with the answers you need to support. Our completed care certificate workbooks are a free Resource to help you complete your learning. These are not created for you to copy verbatim, but to give you guidance when completing your care certificate.

Free Care Certificate standard 13 answers

These are a guide to help you complete your Elearning. 

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The Care Certificate was developed by Skills for Care to help induct new staff working in health and social care. You can find out more about why it was developed and more directly from Skills for Care. You can download the blank workbook for the Care Certificate Standard 4 directly from Skills for Care Here

Once you have completed the Workbook for this standard, please check for our other workbooks and study guides here. We hope you enjoy your Care Certificate Standard 4 completed workbook – Good Luck!

Care Certificate Standard 13 covers equality, diversity and inclusion. It encourages you to look at best practices to help you in your health and social care setting, why it is important, relevant legislation and sources of further information.

What is the importance of health and safety in the workplace?

Health and Safety in the workplace is a legal requirement. Standard 13 of the care Certificate covers health and safety and provides you with a basic knowledge of the requirements for Health and Social Care.

What are the answers to the care certificate standard 13 Health and Safety?

We provide model answers for the Care Certificate including completed workbooks as an example to help you complete your training.

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