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Our Free Social Care e-Learning can help you and your business ahcieve your trainign needs for free.

Chris Clarke - Founder Free Health and Social Care Training Courses. Online.

Our Story of Free Health and Social Care Training Courses Online

Free Health and social care training courses online - why do we do it?
Founded by Cheshire Creative Publishing Limited we support various companies in the Care Sector.

Running a Social Care Business can at times be tricky. Ensuring mandatory training is completed, DBS checking staff, meeting the requirements of the regulator - CQC andmore.

Chris realised that on top of this, high quality training and eLearning was expensive and broken. Not only can each course cost upwards of £10 but staff had to redo eLearning, can leave and can not transfer their training certificates to other companies.

Free Health and Social Care Learning training courses online was born - to change that. Chris decided to setup the best free elearning possible The vision is to provide completely FREE Social Care eLearning. Free online courses with qualifications - CPD certified training courses. To have a way for companies to register their staff - and for those staff to be able to transfer those qualification to other companies ia they move.

We also realised that Policies, Procedures and Guidance for care were also significantly over priced - so we launched our own Free Policies and Procedures for Social Care. This new provision will offer all of the resources you need to run a succesful care company. Our resources are suitable for both home care and care homes plus many other Health and Social care settings. If there is anything else you need, please get in touch our mission is to help you.
We have also launched study guides and completed workbooks for the Care Certificate answers to help you with your studies. It is our intention to continue to develop our study guides to cover NVQ and other subjects.
What are you waiting for? Jump in and find a free elearning course for you today.

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